Testing… 1,2,3

Hello. Hallo. How are you? Hoe gaat het? If you’re reading this right now, I probably know you. Like, in real life know you. Chances are you are my friend or relative. If not, I am surprised, but also happy you somehow found my little space here on the internet!

Either way, friend, family, or stranger, welcome to my blog! I’m Amy, an American who relocated with my family (two guys named Joe, one my husband, one my son), to the Netherlands in summer 2018. Moving abroad is a really interesting, sometimes difficult, but mostly awesome experience. Since moving here I’ve shared a lot on social media, but I’ve lately felt the need to write about it more extensively. As my blog’s name suggests, the Netherlands is a really nice place. It’s nice to visit, and even nicer to live in. I hope to use this space to share some of its niceness with you.

So, why should you read my blog? Like I said, at this stage, I assume you’re someone I know and in that case, just read because I’m asking you nicely! Maybe I’ll provide you with some entertainment, or convince you to come visit me with my photos of this beautiful place? Seriously, come visit me. You won’t regret it.

Alternatively, maybe you’re like I was many months (years?) ago. Maybe you’re considering a move to the Netherlands, or some other foreign country. If so, I hope what I have to say can help you. At the very least, just ask and I’ll point you towards others who helped me!

Pretty soon I’ll put up my first “real” post. It’ll most likely be some sort of cultural observation. My guess is I’ll accompany it with a few pretty pictures, because honestly, everywhere I look there is something pretty to take a picture of. Follow me on Instagram to see a lot of these pictures! If you stick around long enough, I might share some home things too. We really are rebuilding our home from scratch since we sold off 90% of everything we owned to move here. Also, I have a lot more time to play around in the kitchen and the garden, so maybe I’ll share some happenings from there too.

All this to say, welcome. I hope you find this place as nice as I do. Enjoy your visit, and come back soon!

My first little bit of niceness for you. Here we have the swan family I enjoy visiting while out for a morning run.

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